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We started in the electronic component distribution industry in 1982 and began selling high quality solar electric systems in 1997.

When it comes to solar we know which products simply perform and which products perform far beyond our client's expectations.

We buy big name brand 6 kW solar systems in bulk so you save in bulk !

we can save you thousands on a 6 kW big name brand grid tie solar system for your home or business.  we buy high quality, high performance solar components by the container load and then passing the savings on to our customers for more than 14 years.


The founders of 6 kW solar system have been the leader in high volume grid tie solar system sales for the past 14 years. We buy direct from some of the largest grid tie solar system manufacturers in the world and then pass the savings on to our customers. You can search the Internet all you want but specification for specification you simply will not find a better deal on a high performance, name brand, 6 kW grid tie solar system anywhere on planet Earth.

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Increased Revenue In Your Wallet

Increased Solar Revenue Stream
Greater Return On Your Investment

The higher performance levels that are offered by our investment grade, 6 kW grid tie solar systems means higher reliability and more cash in your pocket over the life of your solar system.

Grid Tie Solar Prices Have Fallen By 50%
Prices Have Fallen By Nearly 50%

In light of the recession a buying opportunity like no other in the solar industry's history has presented itself. Don't miss this limited time opportunity to buy a 6 kW grid tie solar system from Kilowatt Solar for your home at record low prices..